C.D. Peacock

C.D. PEACOCK (1837 - present)

Venerable Chicago jeweler. In 1837, Elijah Peacock opened Chicago’s first retail jewelry and watch shop. At that time, Chicago was still a frontier town; the entrance of such an establishment into the city was retrospectively lauded as a sign that Chicago was moving from a period of “semi-savage conditions to civilization and refinement.”[1] The store specialized in watches, both making and repairing them; it also carried a small line of jewelry. Elijah taught the trade to his son, Charles, who later took over the business when his father retired after the great Chicago fire of 1871.[2] Under Charles’s management, the firm changed its name to C.D. Peacock. Its business grew, and the firm moved locations several times until finally settling at 101 South State Street, its current location. Throughout the years, the firm expanded its selection of jewelry as demand grew. At the turn of the twentieth century, it was known as an outlet for Chicago Arts and Crafts style jewelry.[3] It is still one of Chicago's finest jewelers.

Peacock Art Deco Ring.jpg

C.D. Peacock Art Deco Diamond and Sapphire Ring. Photo Courtesy of Christie's


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